SoDo takeout spot serves tender meats and tangy sauce that has barbecue fans jonesing for more.
by Contributor at Citysearch
Grandmas, baseball fans, hep cats and the occasional guy in Tevas line up to wait for Styrofoam containers full of brisket and potato salad inside this beloved barbeque shack... | Full review

Jones BBQ in SoDo
by Seattle Met Magazine
Jones BBQ has its detractors—The place is too shiny! The sauce is too sweet!—but its fans outnumber them and, with all that protein coursing through their bodies, could beat them up besides... | Full review

Jones Barbecue
by Seattle Weekly
All this is a roundabout way of saying that the highest compliment I can pay Jones Original Barbeque is that every time one of the staffers places a large hot-link sandwich in front of me, I miss North Carolina a little bit less... | Full review

Jones BBQ
by The Stranger
Jones has little to prove—it must merely continue in its deliciousness. Among the popular favorites: giant ribs smoked with Northwestern cedar; spicy collard greens; and a worship-worthy sweet-potato pie... | Full review
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